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"As never amongst you have I merited
to know anything other than Jesus Christ and Him crucified."
1 Corinthians 2:2
"The message of La Salette was given to two young shepherds in a period of great suffering. People were scourged by famine, subjected to many injustices. Indifference or hostility toward the Gospel message worsened. As she appeared, bearing upon her breast the likeness of her crucified Son, Our Lady showed herself to be associated to the work of salvation, experiencing compassion for her children...

La Salette is a message of hope - a hope sustained by the intercession of her who is the Mother of all peoples... The arm of Maryís Son will not weigh upon, will not condemn, the people who walk humbly in the pathway of the Lord. Christ will take the outstretched hand into his own and lead to new life the sinner reconciled by the grace of the Cross...

At La Salette, Mary clearly spoke of the constancy of her prayer for the world: she will never abandon the people created in the image and likeness of God, those to whom it has been given to become children of God. May she lead to her Son all the nations of the earth."
Pope John Paul II, May 6, 1996
3:00 PM - September 19, 1846 - A clear autumn day - on a mountain
about 6,000 feet high near the town of La Salette in the French Alps . . .

The children were Maximin Giraud, age 11, and Melanie Calvat, age 14. After eating their lunch, they became tired and fell asleep. Melanie awoke and did not see the cows. In her concern that they may have strayed, she called to Maximin. Quickly, they climbed the hill in front of them and saw the cows grazing on the opposite side of the knoll. The children returned to pick up their knapsacks and were taken aback when they saw a bright light blazing over the bench of stones where they sat for lunch. This brilliance parted to reveal a woman seated on the stones, her elbows on her knees and her face buried in her hands. They immediately realized that she was weeping. They were frightened but the Lady rose and reassured them: "Come near, my children, donít be afraid. I am here to tell you great news". They hurried to her side while she took a few steps towards them.

Over a shining white dress the Lady wore a full length golden apron. Along the border of her white kerchief were roses of all colors and on a fine gold chain a crucifix more radiant than anything else in the vision. On the left of the crucifix hung a miniature hammer and on the right, pincers. Her headdress was white and crowned with a diadem of roses of many hues. Her shoes were sparkling white with a square gold buckle. Around each slipper were tiny roses that were not crushed as she stood and walked on the tips of the blades of grass.
The Lady was so magnificent in light that the noon-day sun faded in comparison. Her face was exceedingly beautiful yet profoundly sad. Tears fell down her cheeks all the while she spoke. With spellbound attention the children listened to this Beautiful Lady:

"If my people refuse to submit, I shall be forced to let go the arm of my son. It is so strong and so heavy. I can no longer hold it back.

How long a time I have suffered for you! If I want my Son not to abandon you, I must plead with him without ceasing. And as for you, you pay no heed! However much you pray, however much you do, you will never be able to repay the pains I have taken for you.

God the father gave you six days to work; He kept the seventh for Himself, and they will not give it to Him. This is what makes the arm of my Son so heavy. And then, those who drive the carts cannot swear without bringing in my Sonís name. If the harvest is ruined, it is only on account of you. I let you know last year with the potatoes. You paid no heed. Instead, when you found the potatoes spoiled, you swore, and brought in my Sonís name. They are going to continue to spoil, and by Christmas this year there will be none left."

The Beautiful Lady had been speaking French but Melanie, not knowing the French word for potatoes, turned towards Maximin to ask him if he knew what pommes de tere meant. The Lady interrupted: "Donít you understand, my children? Let me find another way to say it."
Then speaking in their local dialect, she continues: "If you have wheat, you must not sow it. Anything you sow the insects will eat, and whatever does come up will fall into dust when you thresh it.

A great famine is coming. Before the famine comes, children under seven will be seized with trembling and they will die in the arms of the persons who hold them.

The rest will do penance through the famine, the walnuts will become worm eaten, the grapes will rot."

The Lady then confided a separate secret to each of the children. Although each child noticed her lips moving, neither of them heard what was being said to the other. Having entrusted these secrets, she continued:

"If they are converted, rocks and stones will turn into heaps of wheat, and potatoes will be self-sown in the fields."
Then she asked: "Do you say your prayers well, my children?"

"Hardly ever, Madame."

"Ah! My children, you must say them well, at night and in the morning, if you were to say only an Our Father and a Hail Mary, when you canít do better. When you can do better, say more.

In the summer only a few somewhat elderly women go to Mass, the rest work on Sundays all summer long. In the winter, when they donít know what to do, they go to Mass only to make fun of religion. In Lent they go to the butcher shop as dogs do.

Have you ever seen wheat gone badly, children?"

"No, Madame."
"But you, my son, surely you must have seen it once with your father in the field of Coin. The owner of the field told your father to go and see his spoiled wheat. And then you went, and you took two or three ears of wheat in your hands, you rubbed them together, and it all crumbled into dust. On your way back home when you were no more than a half-hour away from Corps, your father gave you a piece of bread and said to you: Here, my son, eat some bread while we still have it this year, because I donít know who will eat any next year if the wheat continues this way."

"Oh, yes. I remember. Just then, I didnít recall."

"Well, my children, you will make this known to all my people."

Then she crossed the brook, walked slowly to the top of the hill and rose more than a meter in the air. There she turned and gazed in the direction of Rome and said once again:

"Very well, my children make this known to all my people."

Then she vanished. The light alone remained but in an instant it too disappeared.
Live Our Lady of La Saletteís Message
Never fear coming close to God.
Listen to God.
I will . . .
     - keep holy the Lordís day
     - never use the Lordís name in vain
     - know of Godís blessings when I convert and help others convert to Godís ways
     - pray for others and myself in the morning and evening
     - respect the gift of faith
     - realize that God is present in my life and in others
     - make the message and spirituality of La Salette known by my words and deeds
     - be reconciled to God and the Chruch
     - be a reconciler by helping others to be reconciled
     - have a love for our Holy Mother Mary
     - follow the example of Mary, the handmaid of the Lord
     - be available for serving God and the Church
     - create a climate of friendship, openness, acceptance and mutual support
     - exercise prudence when encountering anti-Christian values
     - live with joy!
Prayer to Our Lady of La Salette,
Reconciliatrix of Sinners
Remember, Our Lady of La Salette, true Mother of Sorrows, the tears which thou did shed for us on Calvary; be mindful also of the unceasing care which you exercise for your children so that, in the name of Jesus Christ we may be reconciled with God. And, after having done so much for your children, could you abandon them? Comforted by your tenderness, O Mother, here you have us pleading in spite of our infidelities and ingratitudes. We confide in you completely, O Reconciliatrix. Reach for us the grace of loving Jesus above all and to console you with a life given completely for the glory of God and the love of our brothers and sisters. Amen

V. Our Lady of La Salette, Reconciliatrix of sinners,
R. Pray for us who recourse to you.
The merciful Apparition of Our Lady of La Salette reveals to us not only a marvelous event but also the care and solicitousness of a Mother who, echoing the words of her Son, asks us to "make this message known" to all Godís people. The loving manner of her presence, the truth of her words, the power of her tears, the concern of her unceasing prayers for "her children" - all this can touch and melt our hearts, correct our wayward lives and reconcile us back to her Son.
One of the first public depictions of the La Salette Apparition by Gangel of Metz; June, 1847
Our Lady of La Salette, Mother of Sorrows, weeping over the sins of the world
Maximin Giraud, age 11, and Melanie Calvat, age 14
September 19 - Our Lady of La Salette - Calling Everyone to be Reconciled to God
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