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Prayer to Our Virgin Mary Auxiliatrix
O Virgin Mary Help [Auxilium] of Christians,
May your holy blessing be with me night and day;
in happiness and in sadness;
in work and in rest;
in health and in sickness;
in life and in death;
and during eternity.

O Blessing of Mary, Help of Christians,
overjoyed am I who asks, receives and guards it [Her blessing],
and after obtaining it here on earth,
takes it with us until our last breath,
as a garment of eternal life.

Our help is in the name of the Lord that made Heaven and earth.
Sweet Virgin Mary Help of Christians,
accompany me in my travels, in my works,
and protect me from evils and sicknesses.

Mary Auxiliatrix, give me Your most sacred Blessing,
You and Your Holy Son, for my family and myself,
this day and all the days of my life. Amen
Prayer of Consecration to the Holy Virgin Mary Auxiliatrix
O Most Holy and Immaculate Virgin Mary, most tender mother of ours and powerful Auxilium of Christians! We consecrate ourselves entirely to your sweet love and to your holy service. We consecrate to you our mind with its thoughts, our heart with its affections, our body with its senses and all its strengths, and we promise to act always for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.

You then, O incomparable Virgin who was always Auxilium of the Christian people, continue for piety’s sake, being so, especially in these days. Humble the enemies of our religion and frustrate their perverse intentions. Illuminate and fortify the bishops and priests, always united and obedient to the Pope, infallable teacher. Preserve the incautious youth from irreligion and vice; promote vocations and increase the number of ministers so that, through them, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ be conserved between us, and extended to the confines of the earth.

We supplicate O Sweetest Mother, you never part your pious glance toward the incautious youth exposed to so many dangers, toward the poor sinners, the moribund, and the souls of Purgatory: be for all of these, O Mary, sweet hope Mother of Mercy and Door of Heaven.

We supplicate, great Mother of God, that you teach us to imitate your virtues, particularly your angelic modesty, your deep humility and your ardent charity, with the end that, as much as possible, with your presence, our words and our example, we may represent in the midst of the world, your Son, Jesus Christ, achieving that they know you and love you, and thus come to save many souls. Make it so, O Mary Auxiliatrix, we all remain united under your maternal mantle; make it so that when facing temptations we invoke you with total confidence; and in the end, that the thought that you are so good, so loving and so loved, plus the rememberance of the love you have for all your devotees, will give and encourage us in such a way that we will emerge victorious against the enemy of our soul, in life and in death so we may form together a crown for you in Paradise. Amen
Teach me, O Mary Auxiliatrix, to be sweet and good in all the events of my life; in the deceptions lived, in our lack of care of others, in the lack of sincerity from those whom I believed in, in the disloyalty of those whom I trusted.

Help me to forget myself so as to think about the happiness of others; to hide my small sufferings in such a way that I am the only one that suffers them.

Teach me to benefit from my sufferings, to use them in such a way so that they soften me and do not harden or enbitter me; that they make me more patient and not irritable; that they make me generous in my clemancy and not narrow and despotic.

May nobody be less good, less amiable, less noble nor less holy for having been my companion in this journey towards life eternal. Amen
Prayer for the Home
Most Holy Virgin Mary who was constituted by God as the Auxiliatrix of Christians, we choose You as Lady and Mother of this house, and we ask you that you show us your powerful auxilium, preserving us from pestilence, fire, water, from lightening, violent storms, earthquakes, thieves, war and all the calamities you know.

Bless, protect, defend, and guard as your own the people that inhabit this house, preserving us from all tragedies and accidents and grant us above all the most important grace; to avoid sin.

O Mary Auxiliatrix of Christians, plead for all of us who live in this home, who have consecrated you forever! Amen
Our Lady Help of Christians High Altar, Basilica of Our Lady Help of Christians, Turin, Italy
Interior of the Basilica of Our Lady Help of Christians, Turin, Italy
Exterior of the Basilica of Our Lady Help of Christians, Turin; constructed by Don Bosco beginning in 1860; https://es.wikipedia.org
We Pray to You Our Blessed Mother for blessings and protection of our Pope Francis on all His missions and trips

May 24 - Our Lady Help of Christians - Auxilium Christianorum
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