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Prayer to Our Lady of Antipolo
O Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, Virgin of Antipolo, look kindly upon the needs of your children, as we journey to our home in heaven. For you, O Mother, know full well what it is to travel this road.

From that room in Nazareth where you received the joyful news from the angel, Gabriel, you taught us the generosity of a Christian obedience that surrenders and entrusts all to Divine Providence.

In your journey to that stable in Bethlehem on that first Christmas night, you taught us how to treasure in our hearts the overwhelming graciousness of Our Father.

In your flight to Egypt, with your newborn, you taught us the quiet courage that springs from a firm faith in God, even in the face of great danger and suffering.

In that sorrowful climb up to Calvary on that fateful Friday afternoon, you taught us how a human love can rise to greater heights by self-giving and forgiveness when transformed and united to ineffable Divine Love.

O Mother, you give us so much hope and encouragement by your example of filial love and discipleship. As you accompanied Christ in your journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, from Egypt to Galilee and finally to Calvary, you discovered the loving presence of God in ever new ways.

O Mother, as we undertake our own journey on this road, accompany us in our discovery of God in our lives and in the lives of other people. Make us see him with the eyes of our hearts, and help us to know Him and to grow deeper in His love through life’s joys and pains.

And at our journey’s end, lead us to the doorsteps of heaven and bring us to your Son Jesus who has secured and prepared for us a place in our Father’s home. Amen
The magnificent altar of the Antipolo Cathedral with the image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (Spanish: Nuestra Señora de la Paz y Buen Viaje) displayed above the tabernacle; the Major shrine Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of Antipolo, also known as the Virgin of Antipolo; a 17th-century Roman Catholic brown wooden statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary venerated by Roman Catholics in the Philippines; the statue depicts the Immaculate Conception of Mary, and is enshrined at the Antipolo Cathedral in the city of Tipolo in Rizal province; https://en.wikipedia.org
Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (detail), also known as Nuestra Señora de la Paz y Buen Viaje, informally known as Virgin of Antipolo; Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of Antipolo, Antipolo, Rizal, Philipines; https://en.wikipedia.org
Breadfruit of the Tipolo Tree https://www.healingisessential.com
Bark and wood of the Tipolo Tree https://www.balinghasai-farms.info
During the 1630s, the Statue's several mysterious disappearances from its church in construction and later reappearance on top of a tipolo (breadfruit) tree (artocarpus incisa) led to the relocation of that church to its current location, where the tipolo tree was situated. The pedestal where the image is now enshrined has been traditionally made from the trunk of the tipolo tree. The town of Antipolo itself was named after the tree for its abundance in the area. https://en.wikipedia.org
"Be the face of God and be the hope of others."
"If others, cannot see the face of God, be the face of God.

If others cannot hear the voice of God, be the voice of God.

And if others cannot feel the saving power of God,
be their limbs and feet, and help them to stand again."
From a prayer service by His Eminence Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle, Manila. He is one of the youngest cardinals in the College of Cardinals and the Archbishop of Manila.
His Eminence Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle, Archbishop of Manila; https://en.wikipedia.org
Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage of Antipolo
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