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"[...] from the beginning the Creator Ďmade them male and femaleí.... ĎFor this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one fleshí. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate."
Matthew 19:4-6
Saint Joachim and Saint Anne, Meeting at the Golden Gate by Giotto di Bondone; 1304-1306; Cappella Scrovegni, Padua
"He (the Most High) resolved to give most certain pledges of the day of grace, sending into the world two most bright luminaries to announce the approaching dawn of the sun of Justice, Christ our Salvation. These were saints Joachim and Anne, prepared and created by especial decree according to his own heart."
The Mystical City of God, Vol. I, paragraph 166 (excerpt),
manifested to Mary of Jesus of Agreda; tr. Rev. George J. Blatter
"The very meaning of life is found in
the giving and receiving of love."
Evangelium Vitae by Pope John Paul II; March 25, 1995
Good parents of Blessed Virgin Mary,
            grandparents of our savior, Jesus Christ,
When life seems barren,
      help us to trust in Godís mercy.
When we are confused,
     help us to find the way to God.
When we are lost in the desert,
      lead us to those whom God has called us to love.
When our marriage seems lifeless,
      show us the eternal youth of the Lord.
When we are selfish,
      teach us to cling only to that which lasts.
When we are afraid,
      help us to trust In God.
When we are ashamed,
      remind us that we are Godís children.
When we sin,
      lead us to do Godís will.
You who know Godís will for the family,
      keep all families close to you.
You who suffered without children,
      intercede for all infertile couples.
You who trusted in Godís will,
      help us to respect Godís gift of fertility.
You who gave birth to the Blessed Mother,
      inspire couples to be co-creators with God.
You who taught the Mother of God,
      teach us to nurture children in holy instruction.
You whose hearts trusted in God,
      hear our prayers for (mention your requests here)
Pray with us for the ministry of Catholic family life.
Pray with us for the ministry of Natural Family Planning.
Pray with us for all who give their time,
      talent and treasure to this good work. Amen
Virgin Mary with Saint Anne and Saint Joachim by Francisco Goya; 1774; https://en.wikimedia.org
God our Father, we give you thanks for the gift of marriage: the bond of life and love, and the font of the family. The love of husband and wife enriches your Church with children, fills the world with a multitude of spiritual fruitfulness and service, and is the sign of the love of your Son, Jesus Christ, for his Church.

The grace of Jesus flowed forth at Cana at the request of the Blessed Mother. May your Son, through the intercession of Mary, pour out upon us a new measure of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit as we join with all people of good will to promote and protect the unique beauty of marriage.

May your Holy Spirit enlighten our society to treasure the heroic love of husband and wife, and guide our leaders to sustain and protect the singular place of mothers and fathers in the lives of their children.

Father, we ask that our prayers be joined to those of the Virgin Mary, that your Word may transform our service so as to safeguard the incomparable splendor of marriage. Amen
Saints Anne and Joachim, like Abraham and Sarah, were scorned by their neighbors because they did not have any children. Years spent in prayer did not weaken their trust in God. The archangel Gabriel appeared to Saint Anne while in prayer and Saint Joachim in a dream, promising that they would give birth to a daughter who would be blessed. They were instructed to meet at Jerusalemís Golden Gate to give thanks and praise.
July 26 - Memorial of Saints Joachim and Anne, Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary; (August 16 - General Roman Calendar, 1913-1969)
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